BLT Trail re-opened

As of 2:00pm on August 17, the BLT Trail is reopened. The restrictions placed on travel on Crown Lands by the Department of Natural Resources have been removed. Please enjoy our trail!

BLT Trail Closed

Unfortunately the BLT Trail is closed due to province wide travel ban. Dry conditions are making firefighting efforts difficult in many areas of the province. Precautions are being taken to ensure firefighters are not dealing with more fires than they can handle. The trail will be closed until further notice.

The province issued a statement restricting travel in wooded areas. We support the province’s decision and have put signs at our trail gates.

Conditions are extremely dry in many areas. In fact, some regions have not been this dry in 15 years.

People cannot do things like hike or ride off-highway vehicles on Crown lands. The last time this type of restriction was put in place was in 2001. These restrictions will be in place as long as necessary. The public will be notified when they are lifted.

More information can be found on the NSFire FAQ page. See the section “General – Travel Restrictions”.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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