Newsletter Issue 10 – Spring 2017

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Trail Business

When I first moved to the BLT area, I started using the trail right away for running and walking. I did not think that much about how or why the trail was there, who maintained it, or how it was paid for – I just used it. If someone had asked me, I probably would have guessed the government was responsible for most of the work and funding. When I joined the Board of Directors, I was really in for an education. While it is true that the majority of funding for the trail does come from government sources (mostly municipal and provincial), nothing “just happens.” Volunteers have to apply for the funding on a yearly basis and take advantage of grant opportunities when they come up. Maintenance is also usually done by volunteers. Most people out for a bike ride or a Saturday training run have no idea how their outdoor activities depend on just a few dedicated people who keep the ground beneath them free of trash, new growth, potholes, and amply supplied with crusher dust. If you’re interested in learning more about how the trail functions, please attend our AGM this year! For more info, see below. Read More …