The Beechville Lakeside Timberlea Rails to trails is managed and maintained by volunteers. There are currently 10 directors and an additional volunteer running the association. Monthly meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month.

There are many aspects to having a trail in the fine condition trail users have come to expect. Substantial funding is required to maintain the trail. Many work hours are required on detailed financial proposals for obtaining grants. Funding then requires comprehensive financial log sheets on spending.

Except for large machinery requirements, necessary maintenance on the 13 km trail is completed by volunteers, and mostly by BLT directors. During the summer of 2012, volunteers rented a special mower and cut along both sides of the entire trail. Volunteers had to pick out rocks ahead of the cutter to avoid mower damage. Next summer, volunteers will be going along the trail digging out larger rocks for an even better mowing job in 2013. Volunteers are also on the trail after major storms, cutting branches where necessary and repairing washouts.

Picking up garbage, emptying garbage cans, removal of the garbage and supplying doggie bags along the trail are also volunteer chores.

More pleasant tasks include our ongoing work in erecting panels to inform our users on history and the natural surroundings. At BLT, our volunteers also organize various events for trail users throughout the year. They include Nordic walking groups, bird watching, International Trails Day Celebrations and others.

Beechville Lakeside Timberlea Rails to Trails would like to have more volunteers. For information, please contact us using the form here.