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Dear Friends,

This morning we received a call from the Province of Nova Scotia – Department of Communities, Culture, Tourism, and Heritage (CCTH). CCTH is one of the funding partners that we rely heavily on.

Representatives from the Department of Natural Resources and Renewables, Trans Canada Trails, NS Trails Association, and CCTH have completed their assessment. 

At this point, the Province of Nova Scotia supports the B.L.T. Rails to Trails Association decision to close the B.L.T. Rails to Trails Association until further notice. Entering the trail is a violation under the Provincial Act and can result in fines.

We will be commencing trail work as soon as possible. Our government partners have reassured us that funding will be made available. While the B.L.T. Rails to Trails Association is extremely frustrated with the delay in funding approval, we are happy to hear that progression is being made.

Any donations that have been collected, will cover repairs or upgrades that are not covered by government funding.

Our volunteers have received a number of rude, unkind, unprofessional messages. We are disappointed with the response from some of the community members:

“You seem to have rolled over and played dead, could you not be more proactive?…  Closing the trail is an overreaction…Disappointed in your lacklustre response thus far”

Donald W

We have had a number of reports that individuals are accessing the trail. Please note that the trail is still closed.

To those who are supporting us and have donated… THANK YOU! This is a difficult volunteer job and you are the reason we are doing it!

We love our community

We love our neighbours

We love our trail

Please have patience with us

Deepak Prasad, Chairperson