Beechville Lakeside Timberlea Rails to Trails Local Trail Rules in Effect:

(Lakeside Park Drive in Lakeside to Highway 3 crossing in Lewis Lake)

In Summary:

  • Speed limit 20 km/hr
  • No motorcycles, motorbikes, dirt bikes, automobiles, trucks, SUV’s or amphibious vehicles
  • The Trail is closed between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.
  • Dogs must be on a leash
  • Obey all signs posted

Posted Under Authority of the Crown Lands Act, R.S.N.S. 1989 c114. Unless otherwise authorized in writing by the Minister, Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources:

  • No person shall operate a motorcycle, motorbike, dirt bike, automobile, truck, sports utility vehicle, amphibious vehicle, except vehicles used for emergency purposes or for construction and maintenance of the trail.
  • No person shall exceed the speed of 20 kilometers an hour by any mode of transportation
  • No person shall use or be on the trail between the hours of 11:00 p.m. local time of any day and 5:00 a.m. local time of the immediately following day.
  • No person who owns or is in control of a dog shall permit it to be off leash.
  • No person shall hunt, trap, take or snare any wildlife or attempt to do the same.
  • No person shall have in their possession or discharge a loaded firearm or bow.
  • No person shall have in their possession unloaded firearm or bow unless the firearm or bow is permitted to be carried under the Wildlife Act and regulations made thereunder and,
    • is in a case which is properly fastened; or
    • is completely wrapped in a material which is securely tied around the firearm or bow; or
    • is in a case of a firearm, and is rendered inoperable by the attachment of a trigger lock to the firearm

If you see anyone abusing their trail privileges, please report them to:

  • Department of Natural resources: 1-800-565-2224
  • RCMP Tantallon Detachment: 902-826-3100
  • RCMP non-emergency line: 1-800-803-7267
In case of emergency call: 911

Riding your bicycle on the trail is the same as riding on the road. There are laws to follow that are set by the province.
Some of the key rules for cyclists on the trail are

  • Cyclists of all ages must wear a helmet.
  • Every bicycle must be equipped with a bell or horn.
  • When riding between 30 minutes before sunset (dusk, not dark) and 30 minutes after sunrise, you must have a front white light and a rear red light or rear red reflector (we strongly recommend a rear light).
  • Cyclists must ride on the right-hand side of the trail, with the flow of traffic.
  • Cyclists may pass pedestrians on the right if it is safe to do so otherwise, cyclists shall yield to pedestrians.
  • Except when passing another person cycling, people cycling on the trail shall ride in single file.
  • Cyclists must follow the same law as motor vehicles unless the law has made specific exemptions.
  • The speed limit on the trail is 20km/h.
  • Cyclists may not ride on the sidewalk or use crosswalks while riding, dismount and walk the bike if there is a requirement to use a sidewalk or crosswalk.

The BLT Trail is a multi-use trail. It has been designed for Walkers, Runners, Bikers, and Motorised Vehicles. On this page, we will review proper etiquette and rules for Motorised Vehicles usage on the BLT Trail.

Types of Motor Vehicles

ATVs, 4 wheelers, snowmobiles, or other Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV) subject to the Off-Highway Vehicle Act are allowed on the trail. OHVs must be less than 54 inches wide as this is the size of the opening at each gate. OHVs between 52 and 53 inches must use caution when manoeuvring around the gates to not cause damage to the gate, trail, or OHV. Motorcycles, dirt bikes, mini-bikes (or any other 2 wheeled motorised vehicles) are not allowed on the trail. These vehicles require continuous movement to maintain balance and can be difficult to handle at low speeds (20 km/h). This poses safety concerns when around children and animals on the trail. Trucks, cars, or any other large vehicle that are not subject to the Off-Highway Vehicle Act are only authorised on the trails with prior approval from the board of directors. These vehicles will require a key to open the gates. The Lakeside fire department has a key for our gates and is authorised to open the gates without prior approval from directors for emergency purposes only.

OHV Rules

  1. All OHVs must be properly registered and insured in accordance with the Off-Highway Vehicle Act (Sections 3 and 15b)
  2. Each rider must have a properly fitting helmet on at all times, Off-Highway Vehicle Act (Section 10)
  3. Users are to obey the posted 20km/h maximum speed
  4. Users must yield to pedestrians, animals, and bikes
  5. Users are not to perform burnouts, drifts, stunts, or any other manoeuvre that can cause damage to the trail or risks the safety of the riders or other trail users
  6. Users are to obey all posted signage on the trail
  7. Users must follow all laws as stated in the Off-Highway Vehicle Act

Spring Weight Restrictions

To minimise potential damage to the trail, the BLT Trails Association will introduce its annual spring weight restrictions starting in early March. They are expected to remain in place until May 8, 2017; however, the restrictions may be lifted earlier if the trails are stabilised before then. The public will be notified via our website and signs posted at each gate. During this time the trail is closed to all motorised vehicles.

During this time the ground is soft as the snow and ice melts. Riding any heavy vehicle on the soft ground will cause the soil and gravel to shift. This causes ruts or potholes on the trail. Fixing these ruts costs a lot of money and volunteer hours. During this time you will see signs posted at each gate notifying you that the restrictions are in place. These restrictions are enforced by the Department of Natural Resources. The trail is still open to pedestrians and bikes.