International Trails Day

International Trails Day is an annual celebration of trails and the healthy FAMILY lifestyle they encourage. It is celebrated each year on the first Saturday in June.

Join us on June 3rd for the 15th annual celebration.

Bikers, walkers, runners and nordic walkers will meet at the BLT Trail Head (the parking lot beside the Coca-Cola plant in the Lakeside Industrial Park) for 10:00 am.

Bikers will do a 25 km ride from the BLT Trail Head to the end of the trail (St. Margaret’s Bay Rd. crossing) and back to the 5km marker. Walkers, runners, and nordic walkers begin a 5 km trip from the Trail Head to the 5km markers. Nordic Poles will be available. There is the option for walkers, runners, and nordic walkers to begin at Lake of the Woods and go to the 5km marker.

At the end of your walk, run, or ride, meet at the 5km marker around 11:15 am and cross the street to the St. Andrew’s Church parking lot, where there will be games, face painting, a bouncy castle, and BBQ.

This event is free for all ages.


Appeal for Trail Patrol Program

If you are a regular user of the trail, you should seriously consider becoming a Trail Patroller. Once you complete the initial Training Workshop, the role requires little or no time over what you would normally spend on the trail, but the benefits are many. You will immediately be recognized on the trail as a figure of respect and appreciation. You will also become a part of a great team of volunteers who are keeping the BLT Trail in exceptional condition and giving other users reassurance that the trail remains a safe, supported, and healthy experience within our community. Please consider the possibility of becoming a Trail Patroller.
If you are interested contact Ben Hovinga, our Trail Patrol Coordinator.